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Benefit and Drivers Paper

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Benefits and Drivers Paper

Benefits and Drivers Paper
Benefits and drivers are essential for inspiring innovation and creativity within a company. As a prime example, Sara Lee Food Company is an organization that has declined within the Fortune 1000 list. Currently, Sara Lee operates on a global scale offering prepackaged foods that will be consumed by retail buyers. The company is a publically held and generates over $12 Billion in annual revenue (Sara Lee 2012). A further increase in revenue will allow Sara Lee to pursue avenues of innovation that can increase profit margins and spark new growth. In this paper, our team will be exploring the internal and external driving factors that influence the innovation at Sara Lee. In addition, we will provide an overview of how these tactics can benefit the company. The information covered in this paper is important in ensuring that Sara Lee will be able to meet their organizational objectives.
Sara Lee External Drives of Innovation
External innovation is the comparison of a company’s own to a competitor’s product or service. The external drives of innovation within Sara Lee are frequent shopper program, website, and catering. Sara Lee has created a program for their customers where they sign up to receive news about the stores events, featured products, and sales (Sara Lee, Inc., 2011). With competitors they do not provide such access to information for frequent customers they receive preventing customers from knowing critical news the organization makes presenting. With the Sara Lee website formatted into a way not only local customers can view, but also customers outside of the counties to view the website. The website has also developed an e-commerce system that will provide the organization with ability to automate all inventories and ordering systems to track sales and order replacements made…...

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