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The title of the seventh chapter of Marc and Craig’s book has a title that correlates with the sixth chapter’s title of “Benefits for Me.” Unity among the issues covered in this book is clearly apparent and unity happens to be the theme for this chapter. This particular reading is critical in understanding the overall concept of the book as it elaborates on concepts introduced in earlier chapters. Marc and Craig begin by taking the simplest example of raising a few thousand dollars and move on to greater feats like raising over a billion dollars to help victims of natural disasters. The authors begin by describing a school in Toronto that has dozens of obstacles that it faces on a daily basis. Among those issues are racial tension, frequent violence and gang problems. The authors described this school as a type of school that was thought of as “needing help rather than giving it.” The authors describe how the student body was inspired by a speaker from Free the Children and ended up raising over $30,000 to help several causes in Africa. The authors then begin talking about the “tragedy of the commons” and truly begin hitting on their point of UNITY. Through several concise examples readers learn how working together for the greater good is much more effective than simply working alone. Continuing with the theme of unity, the authors talk about an issue that hits very close to home for me; family values. I have written extensively in prior assignments about my close relationship with my family and I’m very glad to see that Marc and Craig hold similar views on this issue. The whole philosophy of Me to We begins at a very young age and a tight-knit family is a key element that harbors a vibrant community.

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