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Benefits of Volunteering

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The Benefits of Volunteer

Maxwell Nguyen


Kate Schultz

March 24, 14


In this research paper, my topic question is “what is the benefits of volunteer for college students?” By pointing out the questions, I had come up with three main points for the paper. The first benefit of volunteer is helping people to have healthier lives. For example, doing volunteer work outside in fresh environment could help people to be more positive and more physically active. Not only that, volunteer helps people to reduce stress and enhance their happiness. The second benefit of volunteer is helping college students to get involved with the community, thus, helping them to get a successful job. Volunteer in a specific field helps a student to get used to what he/she is studying. Also, while volunteering, a student can meet many others people, which helps him/her to improve his/her communication skill, his/her confidence, and his/her networking with others. Last but not least, volunteer helps the world a better place. There are many non-profit organization opening, which bring many students together to help those less fortunate people.

The Benefits of Volunteer

There exists one question that has been discussed among high school and college students: “What do students usually do during their free time?” The answers vary from doing exercises, joining organizations, taking part-time job to sleeping, reading, going for a walk. For me, as well as many others students, I choose to do volunteer. According to the President’s Task Force (2001) on Private Sector Initiatives, volunteer is defined as: Voluntary giving of time and talents to...

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