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Wiki as a Delivery Tool in Organizations

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Wiki: Definition

According to Grace, P. L. (2009), a wiki is a web application that allows for a collaborative modification, deletion and extension of stricture and content. In a typical type of wiki, a text is written by using a simplified markup language or a rich text editor. With a wiki being a type of a content management system, it tends to differ from blogs or other systems of the same type. The difference comes in where the content of a blog is created without a specific leader or owner. For a wiki, it has a little implicit structure. Its implicit structure allows it allows the structure to come out in a way in which the user needs it to be.

Even though wikis have existed for so long, they have started to take off in organizations and businesses recently. Just like the Web did after creating its place in the corporate world, wikis have gone through a period of fierce competition, wild growth, and inappropriate usage. Despite all that, wikis have been used widely in organizations. Wikis have been used by organizations as the simplest online databases. The wiki software is basically created with a purpose of managing the site contents of an organization.

Product that allows for creation of a wiki

The recent innovations in sensor and mobile technologies have allowed for the creation of a digital representation of any physical entity as well as its parameters over time. For example, RFID technologies are used as a ground for digital representations. The digital representations are used to geo-reference and track physical entities. Generally, digital representations and physical worlds become interconnected more tightly so that any manipulations in any of them would have an effect on the other (Anderson, 2012).

Organizational goal supported by wiki

Security is the main organizational goal supported by wiki. The open philosophy of wiki allows anyone to edit its content. However, it does not ensure that the intentions of the editor are good. For instance for vandalism, which involves changing the wiki’s content to some else which is offensive, can be a big problem. For organizations that that use larger wiki sites like the ones run by the Wikimedia Foundation, cases of vandalism can go unnoticed for a longer period of time (Grace, 2009).

Since wikis have an open access, they are vulnerable to intentional disruption referred to as “trolling”. Organizations use wikis that take soft security approach in dealing with vandalism. Using this approach makes it possible to undo the problem if not preventing its damage. For organizations that use larger wikis, they often use sophisticated methods. These sophisticated methods such as the bots which identify and reverts the vandalism. They also use JavaScript enhancements which have the ability of showing those characters that have been added to the edit.

Features of the wiki

For a wiki that is being used by an organization, it has distinct features that have its function. The amount of vandalism that a wiki receives entirely depends on the openness of the wiki. For example, some wikis will allow unregistered users who are identified by their IP addresses. These users are allowed to edit the content of the wiki. For some wikis used by organizations, this function is only limited just for registered users (Anderson, 2012).

Wikis are related to the learning of this module because of their security characteristic. They are in a position to control behavior because of their governance structures that exist outside the wikis. For example, a manager in an organization can create incentives for employees to behave themselves on an organizational wiki through limiting editing to only logged-in users. They can then point out that those who make bad contributions will be held responsible (Grace, 2009).


Anderson, P. (2012). Web 2.0 and Beyond: Principles and Technologies. London: CRC Press.

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