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Benefits of Working with Kelly Services

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Benefits of working with Kelly Services

Microsoft is a name that has stand out for years. It has always been synonymous with excellence and advancement. In recent year with the climb of apple, Google, and amazon Microsoft has lost it luster and it is not as strong as it once was. What this company needs is new blood. With new people come new ideas. Here at Kelly services we have the fully qualified personnel that have been screened and meet the industries high standards. We have a proven track record as a fortune 500 company ranked 441 and we work with 98% of fortune 100 companies. Like Microsoft we are a global company with offices all around the world. We operate in 41 countries and territories. Kelly employs more than 530,000 individuals annually, in areas including office services, accounting, engineering, information technology, law, science, marketing, and creative services. Finding good qualified personal is not easy but with use they are just a phone call away or a click away on our app.

* We are a Fortune 500 Company * We work with 98% of Fortune 100 companies * Operate in 41 countries and territories * Kelly Services provides employment to 560,000 employees annually * Like Microsoft Kelly Services was named to the 2014 Top 100 Companies for Remote Jobs List by FlexJobs. * Kelly Services was again named to the 2011 Best of Staffing Client list by Inavero * Kelly was named to Inavero’s 2011 Best of Staffing

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