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Benefits of Print Media

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Benefits of Print Media
Print media uses a physical object such as newspapers, magazines, and newsletters as a means of transmitting information, entertainment, and news items among the public. It is the most traditional mode of media. Newspaper has been around since 1605 and print media remain the cheapest form of mass media communication. Magazines are periodical publications which were in trend until the radio, television and internet gained mass popularity by replacing much of the print media’s common forms through e-books, online journals and periodicals as well as online news. However, these traditional forms of mass media continue to maintain a large audience the world over (Kejriwal and Chakravorty 2014).
The low cost and easy availability of print media compose some of the major advantages of media. Books have been the oldest means of passing information over the number of years. They can be archived and kept for future use. Also, newspapers, magazines, and brochures do not have any of the harmful side effects that broadcast media or internet propagate. They do not use any electronic gadgets which cuts down on the numerous problems these gadgets present.
Newspapers and magazines build loyal fan followings within a short time span. Leading dailies over the world have readership in millions with print journalists being the main contributors in garnering such large reader bases. Apart from journalists and publishers whose careers are completely dependent on the print media and its popularity among the masses, advertisers also try to cash in on this medium. High reader involvement and low prices make the print media an attractive destination for advertisers.
Kejriwal, Rachana and Dipti K. Chakravorty. 2014. “Impact of Income on Media Selection by FMCG Consumers: A Study on Kolkata.” International Journal of Business Management...

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