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Karin’s Report

In this report I shall be talking about how 3 different companies (Mc Donalds, Subway and Hilton) segment their markets into 4 areas (Geographical, Demographic, Psychographic and Behavioural) to help them improve.
What is Market Segmentation?
Segmenting the market is when a company decide to take it’s existing market and make it more unique by splitting it into four areas; geographical, psychographic, demographic and behavioural.
Splitting your market in to Geographical segments is seeing where you already source your goods so looking at which cities you are situated in or counties, or you can take one of these areas and look at your urban, rural and suburban segments. Similar to demographic, Hilton Hotels may realise that there is a shortage on Hotels near the airport in cities and because of this people are less like to visit because, they may have already had a long flight and don’t want to travel again to finally be at the hotel, especially if they are only there for a few hours for a meeting, so Hilton may decide that they should build hotels closer to the airport with conference rooms so that they can attract a new market and be known not just for holidays but for a good location for businesses too, meaning they can sell business to business even better than before.
Psychographic segmentation is very similar to behavioural segmentation, because both look at human behaviour and what sways people to purchase different products. Psychographic will look more into patterns of purchases and behavioural would be looking more at trends and times depending on a certain things that is influencing people to buy differently than normal. For Instants if at Weston Favell Subway there is a lot of Students that come in and order a certain sandwich for a long time, then suddenly the more popular children start eating a different sandwich then they may…...

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