Benjamin Franklin Leadership Style

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1 Anthony Tucker Jr.

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24 March 2013

2 Leader Profile of Ben Franklin

3 Outline

Benjamin Franklin is a renowned American known for his keen business skills and leadership. Franklin was trained by his older brother James how to run the printing business. Having learned the skill he moved to Philadelphia to become his own man.

Franklin’s success in business and other disciplines are of exceptional interest to the entire world because of his initiative.

1. Background
Franklin always wanted to write his own stories after having learned how to read and write at an early age. He wrote compelling letters that made him popular in Boston. His brother James was jealous of the development and often scolded him. He decided to move to Philadelphia where he started his own printing business.

2. Accomplishments and Failures
The printer business thrived and grew to an empire while he pursued interests in science. He made significant scientific inventions that made a great significant in the world. He had low moments in his career due to his stance on issues pertaining to justice.

3. Leadership Strengths and Weaknesses
He displayed exceptional leadership traits that enabled him to achieve much in his career. He managed to lead people and motivate them to take part in some of his ventures (Northouse 21).

4. Points of View on Benjamin Franklin
Franklin’s self discipline is an influential factor in the extraodinary things he has done throughout his career. He was able to take diverse views silently easily avoiding confrontations.

5. Leadership Lessons
Franklin’s leadership skills are of immense significance in management application (Northouse 21). This is seen in his sociability and technical abilities.

4 Leader Profile of Ben Franklin

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