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Josh Maynor Bradford vs Franklin

American Literature, in its early period, had a great deal in common with the settlers of America in its beginnings. Authors and settlers alike both were teaming with new ideas and thoughts of change to this new world. Starting with the earliest authors, most wrote on the spiritual and divine way of life, but as the years passed more and more writers seemed to direct their focus toward logic and reason. William Bradford was a very influential writer in during the time of Early American Literature and maybe even perceived as the greatest in the early period despite his differences of style when compared to others writers such as Ben Franklin. Among the many successful writers of this period, these two historical figures played a major role in early American literature. Although both Franklin and Bradstreet were closely related when speaking of time periods, they were different when it came to views on certain topics, one of which including knowledge.
William Bradford, who was a leader of early English settlers, was born in 1590. He, along with many others, wanted to leave the English church and be able to get to the new world where freedom of religion reigned. Bradford and countless others were now known as the Puritans and also known as “Separitists” for leaving “The Church”, as to say it was viewed to be the one and only right church to be a part of. These so called “Separitists”, didn’t like the views of the Church of England and didn’t see a future of reform ahead of them and were obviously displeased.
William Bradford was an uneducated man and knew something had to change. It wasn’t before he came to the new land of America until he received a college education and became a successful writer. He landed, just as many others did, on the historical Plymouth Rock, Mass. on the Mayflower and from that point on his ideas…...