Benjamin Franklin

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Benjamin Franklin
For this journal, I want you to create a schedule for yourself for a day or two like Franklin did. Think about what you want to accomplish in your life and how your activities are helping you achieve those goals. Share with me your schedule in the form of a list and how your activities are moving you forward in life. Also include at least 1 of Franklin's sayings and how your activities helped you achieve it.
I will be getting married to my boyfriend of four and a half years and fiancé for 5 months in June spring of 2014. My current goal is to lose weight and get fit between now and then in hopes to getting a final fitting and alterations done to my wedding dress. I intentionally purchased the dress in a size six and I’m currently a ten with goals of fitting into the dress comfortably on my wedding day. My goal is to be able to fit in the wedding dress in June but I also want to improve many aspects of my life. My daily activities to achieve these goals include:
1. Eating Right
a. Balance of all food groups daily
b. Drinking more than the recommend amounts of water
c. Taking the appropriate vitamins daily
2. Exercising
d. 60 minutes of cardio daily (twice a day if possible)
e. Switching up workout with classes, weight training
f. Working and consulting with my trainer twice a week
g. Keeping track of my progress
3. Relaxing/ Relieving Stress
h. Getting at least 7 hours a sleep
i. Planning out my days/weekends to get as much accomplished as possible
j. Setting aside time for me such as pedicures, reading, walking, messages etc
Moving forward I want to have a better grasp of my well-being. Lately I have so much going on such as school, home, work demands and wedding planning that I need to learn how to handle each demand one at a time without it consuming me. "Sloth,…...