Benjamin Franklin

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Vilma Torres
Benjamin Franklin
As we know Benjamin Franklin is known to be a very important person in American history. Benjamin Franklin was a successful person that never gave up and always followed his dream. Randy Pausch, author of “The Last Lecture” was also a person who never gave up and wanted to educate others. With this in mind we can see many similarities between Professor Randy Pausch’s last lecture and Benjamin Franklin’s life.
The first example is when the professor says that you have to work hard to achieve your dreams. This has a lot in common with Benjamin Franklin because he always had to work hard to get what he wanted. Franklin liked to work long hours and he never complained.
The second instance is when the professor says that you have to keep your dream no matter what happens. Benjamin Franklin, at the age of sixteen, wanted to be a printer. He focused on his dream and started to work little by little on his own company. When he started it was not easy. However, he followed his dream until he built his own printing company.
The third similarity was when the professor said that brick walls are there not to make you sad but to show you how badly you want something. Benjamin Franklin faced a lot of brick walls when he was trying to discover the electricity. For example, he faced a lot of dangers in attempting to determine whether lightning was electricity or not. However he never got sad, he only worked harder.
The fourth example is when the professor says that you have to be good at something to have value. Benjamin Franklin concentrated on what he was good at. He was not good at mathematics but he was good at experimenting. He had a lot of value because he focused on what he was good at.
The fifth similarity came when the professor says that you have to show gratitude. Benjamin Franklin showed gratitude to his career and how…...