Benjamin Franklin

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Benjamin Franklin

Arriving at Perfection

Can anyone be perfect? How do we go about achieving perfection? Well Benjamin Franklin thought he could live his life to perfection and achieve this in everyday tasks. People second-guess themselves or look back and wish they would have done whatever they had done different. Benjamin Franklin was on a mission to show everyone he could be perfect but also show to everyone he came across. Even though his ways of being perfect were not the same as everyone’s standards, Benjamin Franklin still tried to show that he was perfect in everyway possible. There is something in all of our lives that we wish we were better at. There are things we may try to do to make those things better: study more, put in extra hours at the job, see a counselor, or practice harder. In Benjamin Franklin's essay "Arriving at Perfection" he sets out to devise a plan of self-examination, resulting in self-correction. “Arriving at Perfection” Benjamin Franklin explains how he is perfect and how he is going to show everyone to stride to be perfect.

He said, “It was about the time I conceived the bold project of arriving at moral perfection”. This message shows the standard of his thoughts and motives of Benjamin Franklin. Benjamin Franklin, along with being a worthy human being, was an extremely ingenious person as well. Franklin was a very clever man, intellectual and witty, and he did not let his ideas go to waste. He draws you into the essay and depicts how perfection is achieved. He was an extremely brilliant and talented individual. Benjamin Franklin was a morally righteous man so he could avoid all the troubles and tribulations of life. Through this he created a way to achieve moral perfection. Franklin collected numerous desirable qualities he had heard from persons or read in…...