Benjamin Franklin

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Questions: (choose one) ….3-4 page paper, 900 – 1200 words.
1. One of the over-arching themes in Franklin’s Autobiography is that of self-improvement. Franklin intends for his own experience to serve as a model for others. Discuss key ways that Franklin presents his story as an illustration of self-improvement. Is he successful in the attempt? What motivates him toward this attempt? Does he strike you as a self-promoter or a genuinely benevolent man desirous of helping others? In your answer, use specific examples from the book to illustrate your points.
A: Opening Franklin Autobiography intention of self improvement
B Key ways Franklin presented his story as illustration of self-improvement
1) Stressed education
a) Read numerous books
b) Improved his writing through self inflicted exercise
c) Taught himself about subjects that peaked his interest
d) Taught himself French, Italian, Spanish, and Latin
2) Stressed health
a) Implemented a vegetarian diet
b) Practiced temperance in food and drink
c) Discouraged heavy drinking
3) Good work ethic
a) Always kept a job even when young
b) Always excelled to be best at whatever trade he undertook
4) Never acted hastily always had plan
a) Made plans and kept to them
5) Mindful of company he kept (friendships, acquaintances)
a) Stayed out of bars, and questionable establishments
b) Interacted with people that kept the same interest to education, reading, etc.
c) Established friendships with older persons of good reputation, valued & kept their advice
6) Stressed the importance of getting along with other people
a) Not being argumentative
b) Not being Arrogant or Prideful
c) Practicing kindness and charity whenever possible
7) Practiced Frugality
a) Did not spend excessively
b) Saved for future, amassed…...