Benjamin Franklin

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John Eed
English 1102-008
April 9th, 2012
Jim Burnham
The Bible of the Middle-Class American
*** Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography has an impact on the readers in some way. Middle-Class people go through similar problems Ben went through and learn from the parables and advices he throws in. The Autobiography is uniquely American because it communicates to all people who live in the United States, especially the Middle-Class Americans. Franklin would fit in our society now because he lived a similar life back then. Also, Franklin thought about life in a modern way, making his way in life on his own at a young age. Franklin, like most Middle-Class teenagers now, had to work in order to live (58-59). He also traveled on his own to Philadelphia to find a job and to make a living (71). ***
What makes the autobiography relevant to people is that Ben was not raised in a rich family. His dad dropped him out of school because he could not afford Ben to go to school (53). It was also really difficult for his father to raise the family since he had 17 children. When Middle-Class people read this, they could relate in everyway and feel the same way he felt. Ben, being the author, writes what he feels and what he went through. If it were another author, it would have been much different because no one feels the same feeling unless they are in the same situation.
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