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Beowulf essay

In Beowulf one if the main themes is revenge, this is shown many ways during the story. Beowulf is our main character in the story , also we have the king that he will help known as King Hrothgar. Beowulf will face many creatures in his journey during this story the important ones are Grendel followed by his mother then finally the dragon. One of the very first times we see the theme is when Grendel comes up for revenge on the King Hrothgar’s people. The next timers when Grendel's mother comes up from her swamp to seek revenge. Finally the last major time the theme comes up is when the dragons reign of terroir will be put to rest.

Beowulf is called upon by King Hrothgar when Grendel kills many of his me (lines 35-39). The reason Grendel was so angry with them was because they were singing joyful songs about God. This made Grendel boil with hate so he took action seeking revenge on the king's people. Grendel was mad
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Beowulf was king for fifty years before anyone or anything had tried to seek revenge on him one last time. But one day someone had stolen a cup from a dragon's cave this made the dragon very upset and he was taking his revenge out on Beowulf kingdom. Beowulf not being the young chip he use to be still took the challenge and agreed that this would be part of his fate (line 625-630). Beowulf men became cowards when they looked at the dragon running and leaving him to fight alone. But not one man one man stood by his side his name would be Wiglaf. He helped Beowulf one last time seek the greatest revenge of all with one very grand treasure. As the two worked together Beowulf knew faith was against him and he was not going to make this last battle so is dying wish was to see the treasure he had fought for. Beowulf during his life had seeked a lot of revenge and if you think he died revenging his people of the

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