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Bermuda the Triangle of Death

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Bermuda: The Triangle of Death
The Bermuda Triangle is one of the most terrifying places imaginable considering the fact that so many ships and planes disappear each year. Many people believe these disappearances to be due to ideas of supernatural or other unworldly events occurring, however those ideas are nothing but hoaxes used to save companies from being sued. Plane manufacturers and airlines, such as British South American Airways, are hiding the fact that planes are disappearing due to mechanical problems telling people the disappearances were caused by aliens or by the lost city of Atlantis. The manufacturers did this in order to save their businesses from bad publicity.
Airlines and plane manufacturers are not only able to deceive the public, but they are also able to make the public believe something else entirely. In the mid-1900s, planes were still new so they were definitely going to have some problems. However, companies that manufactured these planes still did not want people to know that it was their fault that these disappearances occurred. In order to cover up this fact, these companies had to make up a story to draw the people’s attention away from them. “At 2,000 feet you’d be leaving very little altitude for maneuver. In any serious in-flight emergency they could have lost their height in seconds and gone into sea” (“Bermuda Triangle plane mystery ‘solved’”). Companies along with the help of historians have come up with many different excuses for these disappearances. The most common excuse is that aliens were to blame for these vessels’ disappearances. “A downed spaceship lurking deep underwater, its dangerous alien mechanics interfering with our own technology? Perhaps. Or perhaps the Bermuda Triangle, along with another similarly rumored triangle in the Pacific off the coast of Japan, serves as a portal for interplanetary, interdimensional creatures” (“Top 10 Bermuda Theories”). In their mind the BSAA believed that lying was the only thing that they could do to make sure they remained in business. The BSAA’s attempts to mislead the public have, for the most part, worked because many people do not suspect the BSAA and believe other things are to blame.
There are multiple theories about the many plane disappearances in Bermuda. Some of said theories, while farfetched, are more or less easy to understand. Aliens seem possible only because there is no proof yet against them. Another theory made is the lost city of Atlantis, “Those who believe Atlantis once lay deep beneath the Bermuda Triangle argue that the remnants of the intense energy crystals that were once used to fuel the city are now interfering with airplane and ship electronics, causing them to go haywire” (“Top 10…”). Although these may be somewhat reasonable ideas, they are nothing compared to the real truth. Although other theories are explainable, they are more easily disproved. Aliens could not possibly be the reason for these disappearances because while there is little to no proof saying that aliens do not exist, there is less saying that they do exist. As for Atlantis, the only proof that Atlantis exists is a man who proclaims to have seen an underwater pyramid. However, this man has no proof other than his word. The BSAA, along with similar airlines, are not only hiding its plane’s malfunctions, but are also trying to pass it off as alien activities. “The aircraft's heater was notoriously unreliable and had failed en route, and one of the compasses was found to be faulty” (“Bermuda…”). Although the BSAA (and other airlines) are the primary conspirators, the government also plays a part in deceiving the public.
While the BSAA, along with other airliners, are the main conspirators of the Bermuda Triangle theories, the Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center has also gotten involved in order to protect its secrecy. The BSAA and AUTEC can both benefit from lying to the public about what really happens in the Bermuda Triangle. The AUTEC (Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center) is supposedly located in the Bermuda Triangle and is a top-secret U.S. Research Center that is sometimes referred to as the Underwater Area 51 (“The Deadly Bermuda Triangle”). So far the AUTEC’s intentions/research has remained a mystery. The BSAA and AUTEC are able to help each other by spreading the lies that they have thus far. Having the help of the BSAA will benefit AUTEC solely for protection purposes. The BSAA is able to spread the different rumors around thus making the Bermuda Triangle a place many people would not want to visit. This makes it so that AUTEC and its studies remain undiscovered by the public. As well as the AUTEC, the BSAA will benefit from spreading around different theories. Should the public actually believe the rumors, it will stop questioning whether or not the disappearances were a malfunction caused by the BSAA itself. The BSAA and the AUTEC have come up with many absurd stories in an attempt to keep the public from finding out their true objectives.
The BSAA has done all it can in order to hide what happened to its planes. The BSAA alone has had multiple planes disappear in the Bermuda Triangle. “On 30 January 1948, a BSAA Avro Tudor IV plane disappeared without a trace. Twenty-five passengers and a crew of six were on board. No bodies or wreckage were found” (“Bermuda”). After an investigation, the disappearance was considered to be an unsolvable mystery (“Bermuda”). The BSAA completely made sure that no one would find out about the plane’s true whereabouts. When the media found out about the Star Tiger’s disappearance, the BSAA did everything they could to bribe Lord Macmillan into keeping his mouth shut over what actually happened. By now not many people wonder about what happened to the Star Tiger. So far the BSAA has relied on money and power to keep the various disappearances hidden, but that will not last for much longer. If the truth is not uncovered, soon many people will be at risk should they choose to keep riding on planes made by the BSAA.
Now that this story is available to anybody, it is time for everyone to finally know the truth about the Bermuda Triangle. Should the past events of the BSAA disappearances be forgotten and disregarded as unsolvable, more disappearances will most certainly arise. People not only have a right to know that the BSAA is hiding its technically unstable planes, but they also need to know. Many people who do not realize what they are getting themselves into are risking their lives every single day by riding the planes made and run by the BSAA. Although a few people exist that do know about the disappearances but still ride the planes because they are not able to relate it back to the BSAA. Many people will lose their lives simply trying to visit a family member in a different location. Soon other airlines will start to screw up with their technical difficulties and those airlines will as well be disregarded as accidents and unsolvable mysteries. This will eventually cause people to be too scared to ride planes. Not just America’s, but the entire world’s economy will also take a major plummet. People have a right to know this information because knowing could ultimately save their lives. Knowing it could also cause people to take action and finally put an end to Bermuda Triangle disappearances. However all of this can be avoided should everyone find out and understand what goes on within the Bermuda Triangle, and what really causes the planes to disappear.
In order to save their reputation, the BSAA blamed the disappearances of their planes in the Bermuda Triangle on aliens and Atlantis. However the BSAA is really just using this as a way to cover-up the fact that the disappearances were caused only by planes made with poor craftsmanship. These disappearances are not caused by supernatural or unworldly events, only by companies not wanting to face lawsuits. The Bermuda Triangle itself is not scary, what is scary is not knowing whether or not the planes that fly through the Bermuda Triangle are reliable enough to make it through a safe voyage.

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