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September 24, 2014
HR is a function within an entity that can improve and transform decision-makers and the company overall; HR have one goal in mind, focus on core capabilities. This process requires that HR possess the need to maintain a diverse group of talented employees that will one day become leaders, obtain the expertise of current and exiting employees and subcontract business activities (Fulmer, et al, 2006). Therefore, in order for HR to be an effective strategic partner two things must be understood; first, the business of the business and second, work begins with the business (Fulmer, et al, 2006). Since technology and the economy continues to change, HR need to change as well by taking on a more specialized approach to work. The reason being is that if HR takes a specialized approach to work it will leave room for more attention on strategic issues than operational issues within the company (Mello, 2015). What that means for the company, HR can outsource a portion of their roles (payroll and staffing) to place themselves where they can help the company with strategy executions.
Fulmer & Genson (2006), states that in order to be a true strategic partner, HR must possess knowledge of the company, help support the strategies of the company, and must possess the ability to interpret or transform every business activity into strategic goals for the company’s success (para. 2). In other words, with a more specialized approach to work, HR will be responsible for keeping employees engaged and assist the employees with furthering their role within the company; because with human assets, the critical part of a company; the organization can thrive in the market. Plus, expanding HR will help build relationships with employees and doing so will improve the company’s competitive advantage. A specialized approach to work also...

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