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When it comes to cars and trucks produced in the U.S there are many choices but there is only one way to go for quality and reliability. Of course, the choice is Chevrolet; they have been producing a great number of cars trucks and SUV’s for more than 100 years. My step father Louis Gladney retired from General Motors and I had a lengthy conversation about some of the work that goes into the making of these great vehicles. One of these examples was that once a vehicle is produced at random one is chosen to be placed on a tread-mill like machine and driven continuously for up 100,000 miles or more, and then vehicle that is being tested is taken off the machine and checked to see how well it held up. Another example was that every new vehicle that is introduced like the Cobalt-- that vehicle is heavily researched and developed by a R&D department for years before the first vehicle rolls out of the production plant. Louis went on to tell me that a lot of research goes into the making of General Motors products so that any issues with the vehicle are worked out by the company, rather than the vehicle be produced and issues being found by the customer.
Chevrolet has not only built quality, they made it part of the American tapestry with cars like the Chevy Camaro, which made its showing in 1967 and has been followed by the public ever since. Unlike similar muscle cars, the Camaro was not just a flash in the pan; its production did not stop until 2002. The Camaro returned to production in 2008 because of public outcry. Because of its popularity when the Camaro was reintroduced it was featured at the 2008 SEMA show. Cheers of the Camaro’s return at the show are more proof of the effect of the Chevys superior quality on the American people.
Because of the long asked question, what do we if fossil fuel…...

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