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Best Workplace’s 2013
Christine Garcia
MGT415: Group Behavior in Organizations
Prof: Sam Palazzolo
November 25th 2013

Best Workplace’s 2013
As college students, we typically all have one common goal. This goal is usually to obtain our degree so that we can be able to find decent jobs in our field of choice, or it is to obtain a degree so that we can move up the ladder in our current positions. Either way, we choose our field of study based on subjects that we believe we will enjoy having a profession in or subjects that we feel we are good at. However, all of this means absolutely nothing if we are not satisfied with the environment in which we work. In this assignment I will be discussing three companies from FORTUNE Magazine’s annual ranking of America’s “100 Best Companies to Work For”. I will be describing the work environment of these companies and identifying elements that promote motivation and cohesion among employees in these workplaces. Additionally, I will be relating my observations to materials found in our textbook.
The first company that I will be discussing is Dreamworks Animation. According to the about section on their website, “DreamWorks Animation creates high-quality entertainment, including CG animated feature films, television specials and series and live entertainment properties, meant for audiences around the world. The Company has world-class creative talent, a strong and experienced management team and advanced filmmaking technology and techniques” ( Dreamworks Animation has also made this list of FORTUNE’S best companies to work for, for the last five years. An element within this company that fosters group cohesion is the area in which they work that allows for on campus events and activities that includes friends and family in addition to work colleagues. Throughout the year, Dreamworks bring leaders in their industry to come and inspire their artists through discussions. I believe these discussions are an element of group motivation provided by the company. Making #1 on FORTUNE’S list, is none other than Google. Some of the perks that are offered to the employees at google are tuition reimbursement, free legal advice, onsite physicians as well as comprehensive health care coverage, as well as travel insurance. Additionally, new moms and dads are given time off, as well as some extra spending money for their new baby. ( I believe that all these work benefits offered by google are actually an element used by the company to foster motivation. An element used by google to foster cohesion is breaking down of departments and groups. I believe that this helps to create a sense of teamwork. According to the text, Sociologist George Homans's theory of exchange in groups (1974) emphasized "minimax" principles—that minimal costs and maximum rewards make a group more attractive to recruits or even to current members. Homans believed that if the costs of group membership increased to become greater than its rewards, or if rewards dropped or costs increased during one's tenure as a member, individuals would begin to leave the group. Here one might consider the Internet-based company Google.” (Losh, 2011, 5:2). The final company I will be discussing is American Express. American Express is one of the largest card issuers in the U.S. Some of the benefits that are offered by working at American Express are Health, dental, vision and life insurance, disability coverage, family paid leave, transportation & tuition reimbursement, as well as a retirement savings plan. ( Great benefits such as insurance and retirements plans are a strong motivating factor for employees at American Express. I believe an element that fosters cohesion at American Express is that they are an extremely diverse company and pride themselves on bring people of different backgrounds with similar interests together. I believe that in this workplace they believe that bigger benefits will increase productivity or increase output. American Express proves the minimax theory true, according to the text “Realizing the inequity of receiving more than they should they might increase their group inputs by, for example, working harder or producing more goods. If it is not possible to increase the quantity of one's productivity in these situations, the individual may try to increase the quality of his or her output.”(Losh, 2011, 5:2) Based on my research and the information provided, I believe that all three of the companies named would be great places to work for. Honestly, I might even consider applying for these companies once I finish school. I love the diversity associated with American Express, the benefits of working at Google, and the inspiration that Dreamworks offers its employees. Each company has their own unique ways as to how they motivate their employees and how they foster group cohesion. I was always raised under the belief that a company who takes care of their employees will receive the same treatment in return. Therefore, it is no question in my mind as to whether Google, Dreamworks, and American Express have amazing employees. After all, a company is only as amazing as the people who help it thrive.

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