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A Report on the Physical and Technological Resources at ASDA
We have been asked to research a company. I have chosen ASDA, we have been asked to identify and describe each physical and technological resource also be talking about the way ASDA could improve the performance on all of their resource,
Physical Resources - Buildings & Facilities
Identify and describe the buildings and facilities your chosen company has.
Explain in detail how the management of the buildings and facilities can improve the performance of your chosen company.
Repeat this format for all of the sections below.
The physical resources at ASDA include the building this is where all the products are stored and where customers come to purchase these products, the building should be maintained with decorations and painting should be redone, every so often to give a good impression to the customers. ASDA has CCTV to protect their property, and people in their stores, and also in most ASDAS they would have a security guard to stop robbery’s and to make the customers feel safe.

Physical Resources – Materials & Waste
ASDA would use material to package there products within the business, there also use fuel when they do home delivery’s from there warehouses, also they recycle there energy food charity or they turn it into bio fuel for there trucks, and use it for pet food.
They also fill their trucks with their waste and deliver it to the depots as its good for the environment as they recycle and save money on fuel and road mileage.
Physical Resources - Plant & Machinery
Asda plant and machinery are there fridges, freezers, and ovens;
They used there fridge to keep foods chilled before purchase or just for storage.
Asda would use the ovens to keep hot foods hot like cooked chicken etc. for purchasing by customers
Asda would use freezers to keep food frozen...

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