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It takes a time to grasp your goals, it needs patience and intense programming, once you are done with all these, it’s when we may say you can go on, success doesn’t mean plentiful money it’s just satisfaction with what you have, all people need success it’s better to have a peaceful mind than money wealth. How, when can we have success?, Studying its alternative way used by many to reach their life summit, try to think of famous people using their talents to gain their hopeful moments and tremendous life standard, this is the right time to use your talents and abilities before the sunset, try to check these people utilizing their motives and potential, why not me and you.
If you want to play golf like Tiger woods’; it needs you take a moment of time, practice it, learn it, accept challenges, take time to initiate and just live simple, you will
Run all the balls from a distance to the pits.
If you want buckets like Michael Jordan; not only strong hands and muscle just love the game also, think to play more than him, appreciate the forerunner of the game live simple, patience and it will be done.
If you want play tennis ball as Marley; you better visit gymkhana, appreciate a Swedish man Roger, yes
Get to know wiliams daughters, follow through their path, just
Believe what you see.
If you want preach as Gaither in songs; just try to know alto, tenor, soprano and bass in detail, try to sing
More than Guy Penrod, David Phillips and even Don Moen, yes
Trust in God he’s always there to help you, just make a couple
Of inspiring and praising songs.
There are so many people in which we can learn from them, look over their loses and wins, determine their strengths and weakness, the changes begin with you, it’s from individuals to national level, successful people like Bill Gate are trying to maintain their wealth, Hussein Bolt a popular athletes, successful football players like Ronaldo, life inspires like Shakespeare, All people we are blessed with distinguishable characteristics, some can sing, preach can operate and run codes skillful, some are good counselor can advise people to successful ways, some can perform surgeon as Dr. Ben Carson, try to look what you can do beyond your professionalism, use your talents to fight the life reality, just try to run the system, make people to recall your skills, we are expecting one day to hear you among the legends of neurosurgeon, programmers and technician, though hard just engross your part.
Thanks for your time.

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 Among the waste and lumber of the shore,
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