Betty Ford Case Study

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There are several reasons why and what substances like alcohol is used for. Some use it to commemorate a special occasion or a special moment. Some individuals may use it to relieve themselves when they are feeling weighed down. Individuals tend to use alcohol in different situations. They could drink while alone, around others, or in a social environment. When an individual faces everyday challenges in their daily life it could cause alcohol use to become a problem. A person will tend to become dependent on alcohol when having increasing issues with their emotional and physical health. Betty Ford is a case of substance abuse and alcoholism that became a famous case. Throughout this essay I will discuss Betty Ford and her issues with substance abuse and alcoholism. I will also analyze the biological, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral components of the disorder from substance abuse.
Client Description
Current Description
Betty Ford grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan as the youngest of three children and the only daughter to father, William Bloomer, and mother, Hortense Neahr (The National First Ladies’ Library, 2012). Although Betty’s experiences growing up were both positive and pleasant, her mother was a perfectionist who had exceptionally high expectations for her children, and her father was a traveling salesman who very rarely spent time at home. When Betty was 16 years of age her father passed away. Because her father rarely spent time at home, it wasn’t until after his passing that she discovered that he was an alcoholic. Betty also discovered that her older brother Robert was also an alcoholic. Betty’s first taste of alcohol was in her youth when her mother would add bourbon to a cup of hot tea as a means to reduce the effects of an illness (Meyer, Chapman, & Weaver, 2009)..

Predisposing Factors
As a young adult, Betty enjoyed socializing…...