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Beyond Redemption

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The Narrator

Relationships can be complex. The plots and acts seen on television or read in books are just a reflection of some very rare cases of satisfied couples. But people often forget, that real life is not even close to that. In real life relationships are much more complicated. Love is not immortal, and sex is nothing like those erotic movies. In the short story, The Narrator, a rather old couple is strangulating through life, while their relationship is breaking like a crack in the wall…

The relationship between The Narrator and Gloria is quite weak. Gloria ignores The Narrator most of the time, while The Narrator on the other hand is often busy with his work.”Mmm, she’d say, not lifting her head from the paper. At bedtime she’d stretch and yawn so hugely that I thought she’d dislocated her jaw. ‘One less day to get through! She’d say (p.1,IIII,12-15)”. This quote emphasizes that Gloria is not attracted to The Narrator anymore. She wants to get rid of him. The Narrator though is still attracted to his wife. He refers to her as if she is still young, even though interpreted from the text, they have been married for about two or three decades. “She’d kept her looks though. She was a handsome woman and always very well-groomed: a smart dresser with a face figure that still made men look twice (p.1,III,15-17)”.

Even though their relationship was heading to a negative path it somehow got better in the middle of their marriage. When The Narrator told Gloria about the movies which he used to watch in the middle of the night, she would get extremely interested and caught by his words. “The way she looked at me when I told her the story of that film! I hadn’t had that kind of a response for ten or fifteen years and about two or three stone. It made me feel that I wasn’t altogether invisible, that I might actually cast a shadow and have a reflection in a...

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