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Beyond Traditional Marketing

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Beyond Traditional Marketing
Prepered By: Dipali Parmar and Harsh Pandya

Dept. of Business Administration, Faculty of Management., Bhavnagar University Bhavnagar

Content of Abstract:Introduction:Every marketing manager needs to know about marketing in today‟s competitive markets. Beyond traditional marketing means now a days there are introduce many new technologies for the purpose of marketing. For instance, web assessment-measuring the effectiveness of electronic commerce site, Direct marketing, effect of word-of-mouth (WOM) marketing on member growth at an Internet social networking site, network marketing/ multi-level marketing, current trends, prospects and challenges in Indian retail industries, rural marketing, Indian marketing strategies for new product development, current marketing environment, value chain and corporate strategic planning, focus on consumer behavior, customer satisfaction etc…..

Abstract:Successfully conducting business on the Internet calls for new marketing paradigms that meet the requirements of the unique combination of its inherent characteristics: electronic markets, technological platform, and marketing issues. In this context, electronic markets are the Framework in which market transactions are performed on the Internet. Underlying Internet technology forces marketing activities to be different from the ones applied to traditional sales channels and performance marketing is the essential ingredient for creating the best offering for the customer. The Web Assessment model unites these constituting characteristics into one approach for the evaluation of commercial Web sites. The Web Assessment methodology has been developed over the last one and a half years. Direct Marketing is process by which a firm approaches its customer on one-to-one basis and markets its products directly to them. In conventional marketing, a firm...

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