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Bgmt 339 Option 1 Group Project


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A. Short Description of Solicitation Project: Program management support to a program office for a five-year contract.
B. Background & Purpose of this document: In order to determine which submitted proposals represent the best overall value, a comprehensive and thorough evaluation of each is required. In considering the concept of ‘best value’, an approach that assesses many relevant factors from a holistic perspective is required and largely mandated by the Federal Government. This method of evaluating many primary factors and sub-factors increases the odds that the government agency will match successful contract bidders with the contracts that they are most qualified for, based on experience, capabilities, and a proven track record.
For the purpose of this discussion, the group was tasked with identifying three sub-factors for four primary evaluation factors that were pre-determined. The primary evaluation factors that were considered in support of the program management solicitation project are as follows: 1) Corporate Experience; 2) Past Performance; 3) Management Approach; and 4) Technical Approach.
C. Summarized table of Evaluation Factors and Sub-factors: The table below represents a summarized table of the sub-factors that have been assigned to each of the pre-determined primary evaluation factors.
Evaluation Factor #1: CORPORATE EXPERIENCE

This evaluation factor assesses the experience that a bidder is likely to add to the solicited project. The experience of the bidder should be commensurate, or similar to the requirements of the contract.
Listing of Relevant Sub-factors Summation of Sub-factor (in 10 words or less)
#1: Years of Experience Experience providing commensurate services to those offered under this contract.
#2: Organizational Structure Organization’s size and resources/assets available.
#3: Prior Organizational

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