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The Bias Challenge
Anyone who is interested attaining a better personal understanding about their personal bias should take part in a bias challenge. These challenges can be attempted if you are curious to see if you have any bias or to take a closer look at your bias and see how they could be based on your personal inherent beliefs that are influenced by your culture. No matter which culture you are associated with, there is a hierarchy scale when it comes to ethnicity. Within that hierarchy scale, it can be observed that certain groups have privilege but those same privileged groups do not have that same internal perceptual view of themselves. For example, Caucasians are view as being high on the hierarchy scale while Latino Americans are low on that same scale.
Unfortunately, Caucasians do not perceived themselves to be any more privileged than the next person. Could the reason be due to never experiencing the same transgressions that lower ethnic groups on the hierarchy scale have been subjected too? In order to answer that, I had to ask that question to myself. Surprisingly the answer did not immediately come to mind. One would think that if you ask yourself if you have any bias towards other ethnic groups, you would immediately answer a resounding “NO!”. While I did not think that I did, I could never be sure because I had never experience any sort of bias growing up. As a Canadian, I was surrounded by a society that was considered to be that of a collectivism society. We are a strong nation that thinks of the betterment of the group. Moving to the USA was quite the culture shock for me because I faced with a society that was more individualistic where everyone is expected to take care of just themselves and their immediate family. Has being Canadian isolated me from having bias or am I from a culture that is privileged both individually...

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