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Essay Question 4
In what manner do the prophets speak to the following 3 issues: idolatry, social injustice, and religious ritualism? Cite examples of the prophets speaking to each of these issues. Knowing what the prophets had to say about these issues, what practical applications can be drawn from those teachings for today?
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In this teaching we are able to look at some of the major prophets in the bible as they try and warn a nation that was falling away from God. From this teaching we are able to see many similarities to what is now going on in modern day times. Idolatry, social injustice, and religious ritualism in today’s society is almost more prevelant than what was happening in the old testament, and within these teachings of the prophets lies a lot of wisdom for anyone seeking the Father in heaven. Several of the prophets in the Old Testament had much to say in regards to idolatry, social injustice, and religious ritualism. Some of the prophets in this teaching that we will look closer at will be Jonah, Isaiah, Hosea, Micah, and Ezekiel. The word idolatry is not used much in our modern day, but many of us might not know that this is an area of discussion that God really wanted us to listen to. Every Christian knows that the Ten Commandments are the structure or foundation to living a Christian life. The first two commandments God told Moses to write down were “You shall have no other gods before me. You shall not make yourself an image in the form of anything…You shall not bow down to them or worship them” (Exodus 20:3-5 NIV) . For a Christian to understand what this means in today’s society, they would need to take a closer look at what the word idolatry really means. The word Idolatry as defined in the Websters Dictinoary states “Immoderate devotion or...

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