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The Prophets Speak Warnings of Unfaithfulness

Our Father Yahweh speaks to the prophets concerning issues of their unfaithfulness to Him. Not only in our reading will we discover that through their unfaithfulness of idolatry, social injustice and religious ritualism actions of sinful lust and injustices ways will cause great depression, but will also cause the fall of kingdoms that was blessed to stand strong as kingdoms of God. This action from the people of Judah, cause God to bring judgments of famines and wars on their kingdoms. These very acts of the people defying the Lord God (Yahweh) provoking Him to anger grieved the Lord because of His faithfulness to His people. Yahweh is a God of prosperity, love and growth that is promised to be shown to those who chose to be faithful to Him in their heart and in their ways. But the people of Judah fell into so many sins because of acting on the desires of their sinful hearts. Yahweh had the prophets to go before the people and warn them in so many ways. After the King Josiah’s death 602 B.C the people revolted in idolatry and lawlessness. God commanded the prophets to warn the people of their wicked acts that they were engaging in idolatry. In Hosea’s prophesies; God showed him the house of Israel’s sins through harlotry and idolatry. (Hosea 8:4- 14) They have made kings and princes not by God; God did not acknowledge their detestable idols. They’ve made idols out of silver and gold; their idolatry caused God anger to arouse against them! Israel’s workman made the idols and God wasn’t please with the way the people went on in their adulterous ways. Hosea speaks on the selfishness of the priests producing pleasure-seeking people who turned to the worship of false gods and the practice of abhorrent Canaanite fertility rites as a means of satisfying their sinful lusts. Some Israelites were outright...

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