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Big Data Case Study

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Features Traditional database Big data
Data architecture It uses centralized database architecture in which large and complex problems are solved by a single computer system. It is based on distributed database architecture where a large block of data is solved by dividing it into several smaller sizes.
Cost To manage large amount of data traditional database requires complex and expensive hardware and software devices. Whereas in big data as the massive amount of data is segregated between various systems, the amount of data decreases. So use of big data is quite simple and less cost.
Performance Performance is low Performance is high
Computational power Computational
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Both structured and unstructured data is stored.
Storage It stores small amount of data ranging from gigabytes to terabytes. Big data helps to store and process large amount of data which consists of hundreds of terabytes of data or petabytes of data and beyond.
Data relationship In traditional database system, relationship between the data items can be explored easily as the number of information stored is small. Big data contains massive or voluminous data which increase the level of difficulty in figuring out the relationship between the data items.
Accuracy Since it has less storage, all data is not stored which decreases its accuracy. As the big data has mass storage, each and every data is stored in big data which increases its accuracy.

These characteristics of big data also helps to store office staff details and keeps patient details more secure. Since in traditional database ,only one system holds all patient and administration data the system hangs whereas in big data the amount of data is divided to many systems it performs
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There are two approaches involved in it, one is the household Budget Survey (HBS) and the other is Administration source. The HBS is a national survey which aims on the household expenditures on goods and services. The Administration source focuses on administrative regulation (group of regulations) of statistical data[5].

Big data analytics in healthcare provides sophisticated technologies to gain knowledge about the clinical information. The healthcare industries are facing many challenges such as privacy, safeguarding security, standard of governance in providing secured data analytics in the area of all-over healthcare. Healthcare organizations and healthcare industries are making steady progress in providing technological based information in more transparent and as well as in an organized way. Health database organizations diagnose the health of the public; improve the quality of care in hospitals, clinics and various other care settings. Traditional Database in clinical care should be maintained in a complete and accurate manner. Any inaccurate, missing data or out-of-date data are found it may cause a big harm to the overall sector. HDO’s can also contribute to improvements in quality of care by making information available to institutions and group of practitioners for their use in quality assurance and quality

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