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Ahmed Mansour
Big Data and Analytics Developer at OMS Summary
Working in Big Data & Analytics (2014 - Present). Working in Business Intelligence (IBM Cognos) (2013
- Present). Working in ERP & Data manipulation (Oracle & (2011 - 2013). Skills (Pivotal HD
(Hadoop),Oracle, Sql Server, MongoDB,, JavaScript, Node.js, C#). Training (Pivotal HD Hadoop training). Master's Degree in Informatics at Nile University (2014-2016) Graduated from Faculty of Science,
Cairo University (2011). Awarded (YIA) The Young Innovator Award (2010).

Big Data and Analytics Developer at OMS
April 2015 - Present (1 month)
Developing and analysis Big Data using Hadoop framework (Pivotal HD & Hawq), Hadoop Eco-System
Co-Founder and Data Analyst at AlliSootak
September 2010 - Present (4 years 8 months)
Developing and Researcher
Senior Software Developer at Fifth Dimension (5d)
October 2014 - April 2015 (7 months)
Senior Software Developer at Bizware
August 2013 - October 2014 (1 year 3 months)
2 recommendations available upon request
Director of Special Projects at CIT Support
May 2012 - January 2014 (1 year 9 months)
Ensure that the client's requirements are met, the project is completed on time and within budget and that everyone else is doing their job properly.
Senior Software Developer at I-Axiom Cloud ERP Solutions
November 2011 - August 2013 (1 year 10 months)

The Data Scientist’s Toolbox

September 2014
R Programming
November 2014

Bachelor's degree, Computer science
Cairo University
C# Programming
System Analysis
Artificial intelligent
Data analysis
Data mining
Master's degree, Informatics
Nile University
Network Programming

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