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Big Five Wk3 Psy250

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Propose solutions for working together using the information from the Big Five assessments and the underlying principles of trait theories.

In today’s job market, team work or groups have become very popular. Most workplaces put together teams, and this allows different personality types the opportunity to brainstorm and come up with ways to improve business. Personality is one thing that distinguishes one person from another. Psychologists argue that personality attributes are inherited from family members, and different cultures. No matter the situation, personality differences are among people at work. In team settings it is important that each member has and keeps respect for one another, or the team will fall apart and the task at hand will not reach full potential. The Big Five personality assessments show that the impact of group personalities would be more creative at brainstorming and have a greater chance of finishing the tasks at hand. According to Buchanan, at the group level, it was predicted that teams with personality patterns consisting of moderate levels of Extraversion, high levels of Openness to Experience, and high levels of Conscientiousness (optimal pattern) would perform significantly better on an innovative task than teams with personality patters that varied from this type of pattern (Buchanan, 1998). One solution for working together would be to get the person or persons in the group with extreme personality traits to come to terms with their personality. Getting the group member to come to terms with their flawed trait, may help them break the cycle and be able to work with others in a group setting. The group member may resist the idea that their personality trait is flawed, and in this case the group may have to bring in a manager or supervisor as a last result in order to get the task at hand completed. Personality trait...

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