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Sahan Devaka Lokuge | Telephone no : +94 772838887 : +94 412228573(Residence)Permanent Address: 286/2, Sunandarame mawathe, Welegoda, MataraContact Address: 69/22 Dehiwala Road, Maharagame, Colombo,Sri LankaE-mail : sahandevaka@gmail.comSkype : sahandll |

Personal Information | NIC : 870543522V | Date of birth : 23rd February 1987 Age:27 Years | Gender : Male | Civil status : Single | Nationality : Sri Lankan | School attended : Rahula Collage Matara | Interests : Learning New Technologies | | Career objective | Objective: Gain excellent skills & knowledge with regard to multiple disciplines in respect of the job while continuously improving myself through, learn & gain experience and grow within the organization by facing new challenges and providing fullest contribution to the organization to grow and enhance my career path. | | | Skills and competencies | * Work in a group coordinately and achieve goals * Fluency in both Sinhala and English (Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening) * Ability to familiarize software within a short period |

Academic qualifications | * Completed the Master of Science(MSc) in Information Technology (University College Dublin – Ireland (NIBM)) * Completed the Bachelor of Science(BSc) in Management Information System with Second Class Upper (University College Dublin – Ireland (NIBM)) * Completed Higher Diploma In Computer Based Information System with First Class Honors (NIBM) * Completed Diploma in Computer System Design with Distinction (NIBM) * Done GCE A/L in 2006 in Mathematics stream * Done G.C.E Ordinary Level(2003) passed with 6 Distinctions & 2 Credits |

Extracurricular activities | * Achievements in school career * Won Runner-up in inter school football tournament held in India - 2005 * Positions held during school career * Vice-captain of school football team-2005 * Other * Active member of school UNICEF society * Active member of school ADDIC society * Member of Junior scout team |

Project Exposure | * Diploma project * Student Registration system(Vocational training center-Kegalle, Sri Lanka) * Higher Diploma Project * Library System(Public library-Matara, Sri Lanka) |

Familiar Software Tools & Concept Familiarities | * Java * Net Beans * Eclipse * Intellij IDEA * SOAP, REST, XML, HTML, XHTML, SEAM, JBOSS, HIBERNATE, SPRING, SWING, JAVA SCRIPT, JAVA SERVER PAGES, SERVLET, AXIS2, STRUTS, MAVEN, EJB, SCALA, SOCKET, JETTY, TOMCAT * Oracle * Oracle Forms builder * Oracle Reports builder * Toad * SQL Plus * SQL Developer * SQL Navigator * SQL, PL/SQL, FORMS, REPORTS * C# * Visual Studio * SQL Server * WINDOWS APPLICATIONS, CONSOLE APPLICATIONS * Servers * Linux Server * Windows Server |

Professional Qualifications | * Following Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) * Following Professional Graduate Diploma ( British Computer Society(BCS) (Esoft)) |

Working Experience | * 1 Year working experience at NIBM as a Programmer/Analyst (C#.Net). * 1 Year working experience at DMS as an Oracle Application Developer. * 6 Months working experience at DMS as an Associate System Engineer (Java). * 1 Year and 6 Months working experience at DirectFN (Mubasher Development Center) as a Software Engineer (Java). * 1 Month working experience at Mubasher office in Dubai for Dubai Stock Exchange and Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange Xstream protocol integration. |

Non Related Referees | 1. Mrs. Krishani Monaragala 2. Mr. W.R.M. Priyanga Director (MIS) Senior Civil Engineer 120/5, TOA Corporation, NIBM, No: 23, Wijerama Mawatha, Pandan Crescent, Colombo 07 Singapore - 128472 Tel: +94112667769 Tel : (65)67755044 (Office) : (65)97352423 (Mobile) |

I certify that above particulars are true and correct. Yours truly, Date: 15/05/2014 L.L.S.Devaka

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