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Big Sur represent for the sight of majestic greatness of wild California. It is located along Scenic Highway One that is flanked on one side by Santa Lucia Mountains and on other by rocky Pacific Coast. I did not come here before but I was impressed by its nature, animals, plants, and weather since I watched “Big Sur – Wild California” last Wednesday.
Big Sur’s weather plays an important role which decides all livings here. The best weather is often during springs and falls. Winters are mild and rainy days are interspersed with period of bright sunshine. The summer mornings are cool due to coastal fog but it usually lifts by early afternoons. You will see two opposite weather in a day. A damp, foggy morning can be followed by a warm afternoon. The temperatures are more extreme in the interior valleys of the Wilderness Area; the days are hot and the nights chilly. The hot day can cause a fire that destroys all things and after that new life begins.
Sea otters are famous animal in Big Sur. They can be found throughout Big Sur. You can see otters playing in the rocky beach or see them swimming in and around the kelp forests. They are so innocent and cute when enjoy their meal. Otters lay on their back and munch their food happily. Their favorite food is abalone. The otter has increased its numbers to more than 2,000 today. In the past, otters seem to be wiped out by covetous traders who desire their rich pelt. Besides, otters are threatened by old spills and illegal killing.
Our class plan to visit Big Sur next Saturday. We just have one day for the trip so McWay Waterfall Trail and Ewoldsen Trail.

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