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Entrepreneurial Case Profiles of Two Visionaries: Bill Gates and Steve Jobs

Two men who gave their hearts and souls to developing their visions have driven the personal computer (PC) revolution. However, the way in which either of these men went about this quest has been different. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates have changed the way the world does business, but the story of their leadership styles is even more compelling than the success and innovation spawned by Apple and Microsoft.

Bill Gates versus Steve Jobs: The Early Years

Bill Gates started developing his computer skills with his childhood friend Paul Allen at Lakeside School in Seattle. At the- age of 14, the two had formed their first computer company. After high school, AIlen and Gates left Seattle for Boston. Gates went off to Harvard and Allen began working for Honeywell. After only two years at Harvard, Gates and Allen left Boston for Albuquerque to develop language, for the new Altair 8080 PC. This computer language would become BASIC and the foundation for Microsoft, which was created as a partnership in 1975.
After five years in New Mexico, Microsoft relocated to Bellevue, Washington, in 1990 with BASIC and two other computer languages (COBOL and FORTRAN) in its arsenal. Later that year, IBM began developing its first PC and was in need of an operating system. Microsoft developed the Microsoft disk operating system (MS-DOS) for IBM while two other companies created competing systems. Gate’s determination and persuasion of other software firms to develop programs for MS-DOS made it the default IBM platform.
As Microsoft became more successful, Gates realized that he needed help managing the company. His enthusiasm, vision, and hard work were the driving force behind the company's growth, but he recognized the need for professional management. Gates brought in one of his friends from Harvard,…...

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