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The role of leaders in the development of human society was traditionally extremely important. It is an undeniable fact that successful leaders contributed to the general progress of society even though not all of their actions were good. Nevertheless, regardless the actions of a leader, he/she stimulates his surrounding to certain actions or even counter-actions which inevitably lead the group or the entire society to progress. At the same time, it is necessary to underline that the notion of leadership is quite large and may be applied to different spheres though, in principle, the concept of leadership remains unchanged and does not really depends on the field where it is applied.

In other words, leaders are present in all fields, including not only politics, but also economy, science, technologies, culture, etc. Obviously, leadership is equally important to all spheres. This is why it is possible to speak about the significance and the role of a personality of leaders in history. Basically, this does not necessarily mean the interpretation of the role of a leader in terms of the world history, but it rather implies his/her significant to the epoch and his/her influence on the surrounding people. What is more important is the fact that leaders possess a great power to influence people, fully reveal their potential and realize their greatest dreams. This means that leaders can realize themselves but they can also stimulate other people to fully reveal their talents and realize their potential.

Obviously, nowadays, leadership is widely applied to the sphere of business and technologies. In fact, the role of business leaders as well as leaders in the domain of technologies, is of a paramount importance in the modern world because nowadays, the role of politics, for instance, seems to be not so important as it used to be in the past, while the…...

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