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Billion Dollar Day - 1985 Review

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Analysing the video, we conclude that both those who work in the foreign exchange market or are mere speculators have to be constantly monitoring the price of currencies.
These currency quotes in the international foreign exchange market can fluctuate according to economic, social environment, among others, 24 hours a day.
Therefore, there are times when the currency can fluctuate within a wide margin in a short time and, depending on the variation, there is the risk of losses. In addition, such losses may be greater than the client's capital guarded in the company. In the video we found that the dealers were treated differently in each country, while in America they received commissons and could be fired, in England they did not run that risk but didn’t received commissons
This need to be always focused on the market, even when everything seems to be quiet, and to be constantly analyzing the news to understand the trends that the currency will suffer is quite exhausting, this is probably way these dealers are aged between 20 and 35 years old.
These dealers always have to a be at 100% to understand really well the market. For example a purchase of 20 million pounds can mean that somebody is wanting to buy English goods, as may also mean that somebody is trying to speculate that the pound will rise.
It is therefore a world with many tricks where dealers help each other to keep a disguise and not devalue the currency they want to sell and where besides a lot of skill, a little luck is…...

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