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Chap 3 study Questions - You will learn and understand more if you complete these questions within 1 -2 days after lecture! Must use textbook or think it through yourself to answer some questions.
What is the range of individual cell length in micrometers? 1) What do the following abbreviations stand for?
m = mm= nm =

2) How many micrometers in a millimeter?
How many millimeters in a meter?
How many nanometers in a micrometer?
To convert from one unit of measure to another, use an equivalency statement:

Starting units (equivalency statement) = ending units 1) write the starting units with number
2) write the ending units
3) For the equivalency statement, put the ending units on top and the starting units at the bottom as shown below. This way the starting units cancel out and you are left with the ending units.
Starting units (ending units/starting units) = ending units 4) Ask yourself which is the smaller unit: starting or ending?
How many of the smaller units make up the larger unit?
The unit that is smaller will be 1000 or 100 etc. The unit that is bigger will be 1.
5) Multiply to determine answer.

Example: 6.8 m == ? nm
Step 1 &2: 6.8 m (equivalency statement) = ____ nm
Step 3: 6.8 m ( nm ) = _____ nm m

Step 4: 6.8 m ( 1000 nm ) = _____ nm 1 m

Step 5: 6800 nm

3) Convert the following (SHOW YOUR WORK to receive credit!): a. 0.48 mm = ______m

b. 3280 m = _____mm

c. 737 nm = ______ m

d. 10,600 nm = ______mm

e. 5.8 m = _____ nm

4) What unit would you use to measure the size of the following (millimeter, micrometer or nanometer)? * Insect

* * Bacteria

* * Mitochondrion or chloroplast

* Virus

5) What type of light does light...

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