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Question Three is request for the desired shift was fulfilled for the employee’s at BIMS, using the megastat results from the box plot and dot plot charts it shows that employees are 2% satisfied with how they are receiving a response for the request for the desire shift fulfilled using the dotplot chart. Using the box chart plot the count is at 78, the mean at 2.81, the sample is 1.41, and the final sample is 1.98. The first quarter using the box plot is 2.00, and the mean is 3.00, while the 3rd quarter is at 4.00, the interquarter is 2.00, with the final category of the mode at 2.00 using the descriptive statistics to final the results for the box plot. This is also used with the frequency distribution- Quantitative and shows the frequency at 78 and the percentage at 100.0. Also using the histogram to find the results at a percentage of 25% are satisfied with the request for the desired shift was fulfilled, the highest point at 2 on the histogram chart.
Question four is how many sick days in the past month?
The boxplot shows this at a different point than question threes mark as it is lower and using the descriptive statistics shows the count at 78, the mean at 2.77 and the sample at 1.51 and the sample at 2.28. The highest point on the dotplot is at 2 and using the frequency distribution to find the employees have a 100% of how many sick days in the past month. Using other methods to determine that the employees are near 30% using the histogram, and the frequency polygon with how many sick days in the past month.

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