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Bio Lab Practical

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Bio Lab Practical #1
Solute- dissolved in solvent

Solvent- a substance in which another substance is dissolved

Solution- a liquid mixture in which the solute and solvent are uniformly distribute

Molecular weight- average mass of a molecule

Mole- a measurement of quantity or numbers

pH- the measurement of acidity or basicity in an aqueous solution

Prokaryotic- single-celled organism that lacks a membrane-bound nucleus, mitochondria, or any membrane-bound organelles

Eukaryotic- has true nucleus, nuclear pores, and organelles

Organelles- a specialized part of a cell having specific fucntions, cell organ

Diffusion- means of passive transport, three types: facilitated, simple, and channel

Osmosis- the movement of water from high potential to low potential

Brownian movement- random movement of microscopic particles in liquid

Dialysis- the separation of particles in a liquid on the basis of differences in their ability to pass through a membrane

Dialysis tubing- semi-permeable membrane tubing

Biologically Important Molecules:
Carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids – most organic compounds in living organisms

Dehydration- removal of water molecule and covalently bonding two subunits

Hydrolysis- breaking bonds in subunits by adding water

Positive control- contains the variable for which you are test. It reacts positively and demonstrates the test’s ability to detect what you expect

Negative control- does not contain the variable for which you are searching. It only contains the solvent and does not react in the test

Benedict’s test- a test for the presence of reducing sugar by heating the solution

Reducing sugar- e.g. glucose or fructose, is any sugar that has an aldehyde or ketone group that reduce weak oxidizing, such as copper in the Benedict test

Biurets test- test for the presence of...

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