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Biofuel Industry in Ireland

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“Irish Biofuel Industry”

B. Eng (Hon) in Sustainable Energy Technology

Department of Process Engineering

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Irish Biofuel Industry
1. Introduction
There is growing interest in the uses of biofuels within the transport sector in Ireland. Some of the drivers behind this are, the increasing regulation and taxes on landfill waste disposal, an increasing need for renewable fuel sources, the European Directives, measures to improve local air quality and the need for clean transport fuels in urban areas. The objectives of this report are to look at the most advantageous methods of generating biofuel for the application as a transport fuel and to assess the incentives and obstacles to a biofuels industry in Ireland, looking at other European examples where biofuels have been successfully implemented.

2. European Directives
The EU Directive 2009/23/EC on Renewable Energy [1], insisted that all member states should ensure that 10% of transport fuels come from sustainable resources. It was seen as an opportunity to introduce and increase the market share of biofuels. It was effectively a biofuels target. However there was a going concern within the EU as to the sustainability of biofuels, and in 2008 a revised report [2] was published. One of the major changes was that the 10% target most also come from a mix of renewable resources, not from biofuels alone. This sets an initial target for renewable energy in transport for Ireland at around 720 ktoe 1 by 2020 [3], according to the SEI’s “Energy in Ireland 1990 – 2007” report.

3. Transport Fuel
According to the Directives [1] [2], 10% of the transport fuels on the Irish market should be of biogenic origin by 2020. The government…...

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