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personal narrative
You act white tell a personal narrative of multi-racial girl. The girl has more problems with her skin color because she is too shy to make friends. Three black girls deride her and cause some problems. She is only 8th grade's student and a small kid. These three girls give pressure that a kid can not easy to withstand. Their threaten and actions to her makes her so upset. What those girls has done to her makes her suffering a lot. When I read this article, my childhood also has some dark memories that I did not want it happened to me again.
When I was 12 years old, this was the time to go to junior school in China. The Chinese education system force students to very hard and compete with each other. Students needs to study sine 6am till 10pm everyday to study all kinds of subjects. And most of parents want their children to go to top schooling their city in order to have a promising future. With a huge amount of students but limited best schools, not all the students can make their "best school" dreams come true. So the entrance exam is the only way to pick students who want to go to the best school. Fortunately, I was 1000 of 10000 students who passed the exam. However if i had a chance to chose again, i would rather not pass that exam. What I had experienced made me feel so upset and lonely.
The Foreign Languages School, one of the best schools in my hometown, was a boarding school. Students only had 4 days off to home per month. I lived with my grandparents in countryside before and my parents seldom had time to spent with me. I didn't got too much attention and care or love from my parents since i was young. When they finaly had time with me but i could not go home often because of the boarding school. That school made me lost opportunity living with my parents. I had to adapt my new life in boarding school.
When i first came to class,...

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