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This week assignment was based on us to write about how biological evidence is obtained at the crime-scene. Biological evidence means the evidence that is commonly recovered from crime scenes. Such evidences are in the form of blood, saliva, sperm, hair, tissue, bones, teeth, blood, or other bodily fluids.Since blood, semen, and saliva originate as liquids, they quickly coat or penetrate surfaces they are deposited on, and when dried they are difficult to remove. Because no two humans are genetically the same (except for identical twins) these body fluids are unique to the person they originated from. By performing DNA analysis of these fluids or stains, a genetic marker profile can be obtained that is essentially specific to that individual. At a crime scene, many types of biological evidences may be present.
Each type of biological evidence has a unique importance and its own probative value. Ordinarily, biological evidence are photographed or collected from crime scene and sent to the laboratory for a DNA investigation. The DNA specific to each individual is an effective means of identification. DNA analyst can associate evidence to a person and give the frequency of occurrence in a random population. However, microscopic hair examinations tend to be subjective and highly dependant on the skills and integrity of the analyst. For this reason a reported hair comparison must contain DNA information.
DNA does more than just identify the source of the sample; it can place a known individual at a crime scene, in a home, or in a room where the suspect claimed not to have been. It can refute a claim of self-defense and put a weapon in the suspect's hand. It can change a story from an alibi to one of consent. The more officers know how to use DNA, the more powerful a tool it becomes. When finding the evidence the procedure you are suppose to take to storage it is…...

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