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Monohybrid Cross Lab and Family Tree
BIO 101
Brian Fox How are Phenotypes driven by DNA
Phenotypes are the physical traits of an organism. They are the traits that show up on you and your offspring. Hair color and eye color are examples of phenotypes in humans. To be extremely basic the offspring of two parents is given dominant and recessive traits through a mixture of haploid sex cells between parents. Each cell contains half of the chromosomes from each parent and when combined make the full 46 required for a human. Instead of being a carbon copy of one parent, the child takes a mixture of traits from both parents. So, even more basic making a child is like smashing up part of your DNA and your mates DNA to form one child with a mixture of the two.
Choose a family member...
For this portion of the paper I will choose my son Spartacus and I will choose the trait of his brown eyes.

Spartacus has a brown eyes. I believe that his genotype for the brown eyes is dominant.

Ask a question: What is the genotype for my son's trait, a cleft chin?
Do research:
Well, because I am not a geneticist or do not have access to DNA lab I would probably send a sample of his DNA to a lab and have them test it to see his genes. Using a punnet square I can assume that Spartacus has a B from me a b from his grandparent with blue eyes, a G from his mother whom has hazel eyes and another b. Using the chart from the reference you can see that Bb Gb is brown. You can assume he took the recessive traits from his mother whom has more eye color variation in her family.

Dr B. Star 2005 Understanding Genetics

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