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Select a suitable pot for your cutting. You might want to use a normal-sized flower pot for one plant or you can even establish a number of cuttings in the same pot, planted apart from each other. Seedling tubes are also a good idea for many plants.

Prepare the pot. Get a plastic (polythene bag) and place gravel at the base of the bag. The pot will be placed in here after you have made the cutting. Fill the pot with suitable soil - sand and peat for drainage make an ideal combination for many plants. Finally, the pot must be able to drain well (the water will go onto the gravel, rather than pooling in the plastic bag).

Cut a firm, young shoot from the current season's growth. Cut it off just below a leaf or joint (node).

Prepare the cutting. Once you have cut the plant piece, strip or cut off any leaves on the lower half. You can strip or cut off as high as two-thirds if necessary. If the bark looks like it will tear, use scissors. You can also make a small incision to the lower end of the stem to encourage root growth from this "wound".

Insert the cutting into sand and peat in the pot. Use a skewer, pencil or similar long object to create a hole for the cutting to sit in. Do not use the cutting itself to push in a hole or you will damage it. The idea is to gently drop the cutting into the hole and carefully in-fill with dirt.

Place both the pot and the cutting into the bag. Make sure that the pot is sitting snugly on the gravel.

Tie the top of the bag together with a twist tie. This makes it very easy to undo for watering and to place back on again.

Use sexual propagation for increasing plant numbers by germinating seed and growing the seedlings to maturity. This is probably the most widely used method by the majority of growers, including many agricultural grain crops. • There are many different ways to pre-treat...

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Religious Education be made without fee. Individuals may make copies for their own use or for use by classes of which they are in charge; institutions may make copies for use within and by the staff and students of that institution. For copying in any other circumstances, prior permission in writing must be obtained from Macmillan Publishers Limited. Under no circumstances may the material in this book be used, in part or in its entirety, for commercial gain. It must not be sold in any format. Designed by Macmillan Publishers Limited Cover design by Macmillan Publishers Limited and Red Giraffe CSEC Biology Free Resources LIST OF CONTENTS CSEC Biology Syllabus Extract 3 CSEC Biology Syllabus 4 CSEC Biology Specimen Papers: Paper 01 Paper 02 Paper 032 89 104 125 CSEC Biology Mark Schemes for Specimen Papers: Paper 01 Paper 02 Paper 032 136 137 149 CSEC Biology Subject Reports: 2004 January Subject Report 2004 June Subject Report 2005 January Subject Report 2006 January Subject Report 2007 January Subject Report 2007 May/June Subject Report 2008 January...

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