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Ch 5:Cancer types
Carcinoma - epithelial tissue, - metastasize
Leukemia - bone marrow stem cells that produce white blood cells
Sarcoma - connective tissue, muscle, bone, cartilage
Lymphoma - lymph tissue, Hodgkins
Adenocarcinoma - glandular epithelia, liver, salivary, breast
Cancer Is Uncontrolled Cell Division
What Is Cancer?
Cell division is the process through which a cell copies itself
Cancer begins when the a cell divides although it should not
Unregulated cell division leads to a tumor, a mass of cells with no apparent function in the body
Benign tumors do not affect surrounding structures
Malignant tumors invade surrounding structures and are cancerous
Malignant tumors can break away and start new cancers elsewhere through the process of metastasis
What Is Cancer?
Cancer cells differ from normal cells:
Divide when they should not
Invade surrounding tissue
Move to other locations in the body
What Is Cancer?
All tissues that undergo cell division, such as ovarian tissue, are susceptible to cancer
Cancer Risk Factors
Known risk factors are linked to particular cancers…
Not all exposures to chemicals and radiation causes cancers
Cell Division Overview
Cell division produces new cells in order to:
Heal wounds
Replace damaged cells
For growth
Also for reproduction
Cell Division Overview
DNA is organized into structures called chromosomes which can carry hundreds of genes along their length
The number of in each cell depends on the organism: humans have 46
Cell Division Overview
The “rungs” of the molecule are the bases:
A (adenine)
T (thymine)
G (guanine)
C (cytosine)
Cell Division Overview
The bases across the “ladder” are connected in a specific way:
A always bonds with T
C always bonds with G
The connection is a hydrogen bond
Cell Division Overview
James Watson and Francis Crick:
Determined the…...