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Waves and Vibrations in Nature
Sound Waves * Created by the vibration of an object, which causes the air surrounding it to vibrate.

Animals that uses vibrations * Mouse * For finding sex partners * Sloths * For finding sex partners * For warning others of danger * Bats * To navigate through the dark * For hunting * Dolphins * For navigating

Sonar System * The shapes of the surrounding objects are determined according to the echo of sound waves.

Bat’s Sonar * Send’s sound waves in all directions 20 to 30 times each second. * Bats reduce their sonar squeals to prevent confusion from overlapping waves by the echoes. * Technology counterpart is the AWACS Boeing 767 jets

Moths * Can disrupt the flow of the bat’s ultrasound waves so they can’t be detected * Technology counterpart is EA-6B Prowler *

Dolphin’s Sonar * Can produce as many as 1200 clicks per second. * The echoes let the dolphin determine the direction, speed, and size of the object that reflects them.

Sonar Technologies that Help the Visually Impaired
Smart Canes * Independent mobility to blind people * Emits ultrasound waves to detect nearby obstacles and vibrates to inform the user
Ultra Canes * Provides distance and direction to navigate narrow paths while avoiding obstacles

Ultra Bikes * Contains 2 ultrasound sensors and has 2 arms that vibrate to inform the cyclist about obstacles.

Superior Bat Design for Safe Travel * Ultrasound sensors bounce sound waves off obstacles, using the echo to know the distance. * As they get closer, the speaker in the car bleeps increasingly.

Technologies Inspired From Aquatic Animals
Stun Gun * Scientists imitate the defense mechanism of an electrical eel and its principles

Fish Detector * Water Companies collect water samples to be checked by 20 Elephant nose fishes and transmit the data to computers * Normally emits 300 to 500 signals per minute * Depending on the pollution level, it can exceed 1000 signals per minute

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