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L. Nicole Doucette, Kim Fields, Tanner Funk, Anthony J. Gallela
DeVry University

LAS 432: Tech, Culture, and Society
March 2013 Session
Prof. Colleen Mallory

Table of Contents ~ Prepared by L. N. Doucette
Abstract --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 3 ~prepared by K. Fields

Introduction --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 4
~ prepared by A. J. Gallela

What is Biomimicry ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Page 5 ~ prepared by T. Funk

History ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 10 ~ prepared by T. Funk

Political Influence -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 13 ~ prepared by K. Fields

Legal Influence ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 16 ~ prepared by K. Fields

Economic Questions and Considerations --------------------------------------------- Page 18 ~ prepared by A. J. Gallela

Psychological Considerations ------------------------------------------------------------ Page 21 ~ Prepared by K. Fields

Biomimicry Cultural Context and Media Influence ---------------------------------Page 24 ~ prepared by A. J. Gallela

Sociological Effects ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 28 ~ prepared by K. Fields

Environmental Implications -------------------------------------------------------------- Page 31 ~ prepared by L.N. Doucette

Moral and Ethical Implications ---------------------------------------------------------- Page 36 ~ prepared by L.N. Doucette


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