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Biopsychosocial Adjustment

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Everyone says that in time things will get easier, but do they really get easier with time. Specifically with tiredness, stress from school, and homesickness these are my top three reoccurring factors in my college life. My biopsychosocial college adjustment is bigger than I would have ever imagined. Initially, every day I wake up still tired from the night before. This is caused by not being able to fall asleep right away. Since I’m not able to fall asleep this affects how I am able to learn the following day. Also, I start to quit reading my text book assignments early because the text seems too confusing or boring to me. Then on some occasions I get irritated from not getting enough sleep because of the things going on back home that could have been prevented before I left. …show more content…
As long as I could remember I have received some kind of learning accommodation from my school district. When I was told I didn’t have to worry about transferring anything like this to Southeastern University I felt instantly relieved. Then I got on the campus, and found out that I had to initiate the process to get accommodations. I’m not accustomed to having nothing to fall back on for help in the classroom setting. This makes me stressed because I’m unable to set me up fully to reach my goal where I used to be in high school. Things that seemed easy to me in high school are now hard because I don’t have the accommodation to help me reach my goal in the classroom

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