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Penney, (2013) defines “The Biopsychosocial Model” as an approach or method that guides and helps to understand individual’s biological, psychological and social aspects, for example emotions, behaviours and thoughts. Therefore the importance of understanding human health and illness will aid nurses with knowledge of how to provide holistic care. It is a health care model that deals with the clinical care and practical guidance to the patient.
Biopsychosocial model show the importance for practitioners to recognise the factors that contribute to biologically, psychologically and socially of different individuals and showing confidence in understanding different aspects of life to encourage elderly client to show their personality, which aids them and keep them in control at different stages of life

Physical Factors

The skeletal system of an individual goes through major changes because the musculoskeletal system response slows down due to aging affecting movement and posture, for example loss of calcium from the bone. Banks et al. (2009) stated that mineral density will decrease after menopause. Therefore at this life stage of women they are prone of hip fracture. Ageing affects bones making them weaker and less dense which make them likely to fracture easily, Individuals might find it difficult to lift things and the less dense the bones the less flexible movement becomes because of the weakness of the muscles. According to Phillips (2012), diet is major factor in forming healthy bones; individuals who have inadequate calcium and vitamin D are at risk of osteoporosis. Credo database (2004) identified the involuntary of loss of urine or faeces in women, the cause could be childbirth and menopause. Childbirth can weaken the pelvic floor muscles and after menopause the symptoms can

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