Biotic Component Paper

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Biotic Component Paper

The ecosystem consists of functional systems which includes the organisms of natural communities within an environment (Jones, 2008). The human race would not exist if it was not for natural resources, such as plants, water, food, etc. The health and sustainability of our ecosystem have been negatively impacted due to everyday poor decision making. Therefore, groups, such as Virginia Conservation Network, represents more than 100 non-profits and community organizations working together to preserve the ecosystem to prolong a quality life.
Every living and non-living things are connected in some way. An ecosystem is a community of living and non-living things working together. The functioning of an ecosystem is often described by the flow of energy, via food chains and the cycling of elements biogeochemical (Chambers, 2000). The major component of an ecosystem includes soil, atmosphere, heat, and light from the sun, water and living organisms. Soil provides nutrients for plants, which provide oxygen. The atmosphere consists of oxygen and carbon dioxide for plants and living organism to survive. The sun’s heat helps water evaporate and return to the atmosphere where it turns into water. Light from the sun provides photosynthesis for plants to make food. Water is a large percentage of the cells that make up all living organisms. Without the existence of water, all and any form of life would be non-existent.
Furthermore, without water, there would not be sufficient nutrients for any living organism, and for plants, that means they would die and would not be able to photosynthesize. If plants become extinct, all animals will extinct as well. The process of living organisms interacting with each other make a balance system, in which they are divided into three categories: producers, consumers and decomposers. Producers are the…...